Double Lock Construction Tripod for Total Station Surveys (LJA10-DL)

Construction Tripod with Dual Locks for Total Statin Surveying (LJA10-DL)LJA10 Series Aluminium Survey Tripods Technical Data ModelExtended Length(mm)Retracted Length(mm)Clamp ModeThreadHead Size(mm)Head Bore(mm)Weight(kg)LJA1016501020Screw5/8" or M16160583.9LJA10-Q1550

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Construction Tripod with Dual Locks for Total Statin Surveying (LJA10-DL)
LJA10 Series Aluminium Survey Tripods Technical Data 
ModelExtended Length(mm)Retracted Length(mm)Clamp ModeThreadHead Size(mm)Head Bore(mm)Weight(kg)
LJA1016501020Screw5/8" or M16160583.9
LJA10-Q15501020Quick Release5/8" or M16160584.1
LJA10-DL15501020Double Locks5/8" or M16160584.4
LJA10S16501020Screw5/8" or M16160583.9
LJA10X16501020Screw5/8" or M16160683.9
LJA10B16501020Screw5/8" or M16160584.0
LJA10B-DL15501020Double Locks5/8" or M16160584.5
Our general clampe mode is screw clamp. Q stands for quick release,D stands for dome head. DL stands for double locks.


Construction Tripod with Dual-Lock for Total Station Surveying (LJA10-DL)


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