Sokkia Fx101/ Fx102 Total Station Non-Prism 500m Sokkia Total Station

Detailed Information:Fast and robust RED-tech ranging systemThe implementation of 0.9 seconds fast range for any object- 30cm to 500m wide range of non prism distance measurementThe coaxial indicator laser bright help quickly to complete the precise sight targetThe ultrafine spot even in a small incident angle can still obtain h

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Detailed Information:
Fast and robust RED-tech ranging system
The implementation of 0.9 seconds fast range for any object
- 30cm to 500m wide range of non prism distance measurement
The coaxial indicator laser bright help quickly to complete the precise sight target
The ultrafine spot even in a small incident angle can still obtain high precision ranging results
Ensure ranging accuracy of reflector.
Remote wireless data communication
The FX is equipped with 1 Bluetooth * ensures high reliability of long-distance wireless data communication
The station only allowed the goal, the operation data collector is composed of a mirror control station completed, improve the measurement efficiency
* some areas for optional configuration
Advanced angle measuring system
Use of absolute encoder technology and equipped with two axis compensator, to ensure the measurement accuracy and reliability under any operating conditions, even in complex terrain environment operation and high stability of the measurement results
Provide a guarantee unique and stable brake micro spiral angle measurement
] FX-101 and FX-102 using revolutionary IACS (angle self calibration system) technology, which greatly improved the reliability of angle measurement
Efficient lithium battery for long operation
- efficient lithium batteries can be used in Sokkia total station and GNSS *
* early Sokkia GNSS products
The battery sustainable long time work up to 20 hours
Rugged body, friendly visual interface and high level protection design
IP65 - high grade waterproof and dustproof
The standard operating temperature range of ~+50 DEG C: -20 low temperature type instrument the lowest working temperature: -30 c *
The highest working temperature of high temperature instrument: +60
* high and low temperature type of instrument in order to produce
The "Star" key function can quickly and conveniently set the commonly used parameters of the instrument and start measuring program
The trigger button - at your fingertips can make the surveyor to complete a series of measurement operations in the eyes did not leave the eyepiece case
USB-A - type interface for data exchange, close the cover can still ensure that the IP65 protection grade
Operation panel - backlit keyboard and touch screen to form the measurement will provide the best visual effect and maneuverability
* key position will vary depending on the area and model.
Technical   Specification:
Magnification / resolution
Tube length: 171, lens aperture: 45mm (EDM:48mm) and imaging: positive, angle of view: 71, 71 onion, 1, 1, 1, 770 1 onion, 1 onion 77830 '26m/1000m, short focal length: 1.3m, backlight brightness: 5 level
Angle measurement
Minimum display
0.5 "/1"
Angle measurement accuracy (ISO17123-3:2001)
Dual axis compensator / apparent error correction
Liquid double axis tilt sensor, compensation range + 6 '/ collimation correction
Laser output level
No prism: 3R level, prism / reflector 1
(under normal weather conditions)
Free prism
0.3 ~ 500m
Reflective film
500m ~ RS50N-K:1.3, 300m ~ RS10N-K:1.3, 100m ~ RS90N-K:1.3
Small prism
1.3 ~ 500m
Single AP standard prism
1.3 ~ *6:1.3 4000m/ ~ 5000m
Three AP standard prism
6000m: ~ *6, 5000m/
Minimum display
Precision measurement / velocity measurement: 0.001M tracking test: 0.01M
Ranging accuracy
Free prism
(3+2ppm x D) mm*7
Reflective film
(3+2ppm x D) mm
AP/CP prism
(2+2ppm x D) mm
Measurement time
Precision: 0.9 seconds (1.7 seconds), speed test: 0.7 (first 1.4 seconds), tracking test: 0.3 seconds (1.4 seconds)
System / interface and data management
Operating system / application software
CE MAGNET 6 / Field Windows
Display / keyboard
3.5 inches, automatic control of the brightness, with a half - transparent QVGA TFT color LCD touch screen / backlight type 26 keyboard keys
Operation panel
Double touch screen
Trigger key
Located on the right side of the instrument bracket
Data storage
500MB (including software storage space)
External memory
USB flash memory (max 8GB)
RS-232C serial port, USB2.0 (A port and B port)
Bluetooth module (optional)
1 class Bluetooth, +EDR Ver.2.1, transmission distance radius: 300m*9
Indicating laser
Coaxial red EDM laser beam
Guide light
Green laser diode (524nm) and red laser diode (626nm), working range: 1.3 ~ 150m*2
Graphic level
+ 6 '(circle)
Round level
10 '/2mm
Laser pair of medium (optional)
2 level laser products, red laser diode (635nm + 10nm), the precision: less than 1.0mm/1.3m
Optical alignment
Magnification: 3X, the shortest focus: 0.3m from the base
Dust waterproof grade
Working temperature
-20 ~ +50
Dimensions (including the handle)
191mm (wide) x 190mm (long) x 348mm (high)
Weight (including handle and battery)
Power supply system
BDC70 airborne battery
Rechargeable lithium battery
Working time (angle measurement)
About 20 hours (30 seconds)
External battery (optional)
BDC60: about 24 hours, BDC61: about 49 hours (interval 30 seconds)


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Sokkia Fx101/ Fx102 Total Station Non-Prism 500m Sokkia Total Station


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Sokkia Fx101/ Fx102 Total Station Non-Prism 500m Sokkia Total Station

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Sokkia Fx101/ Fx102 Total Station Non-Prism 500m Sokkia Total Station

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