Stonex R2 2\\" Dual-axis dual-screen total station with English manual

Stonex R2 total stationProduct feature:Excellent optical machine structureThe leading edge of precision machinery and optics is integrated with high integrated circuit design and laser pointing function to achieve high accuracy and stability in R2 ranging.Automatic biaxial compensationFully automatic double shaft compensator can

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Stonex R2 2

Stonex R2 total station

Product feature:
Excellent optical machine structure
The leading edge of precision machinery and optics is integrated with high integrated circuit design and laser pointing function to achieve high accuracy and stability in R2 ranging.

Automatic biaxial compensation
Fully automatic double shaft compensator can achieve precise leveling and ensure the accuracy of horizontal position. Under the condition of under leveling (compensation range), the high-precision double shaft compensator can also ensure accurate measurement.

32 bit microprocessor
The product uses 32 bit microprocessor, optimizes the interface comprehensively and redesigns the software structure. A large number of shortcut keys are added to the common functions, which are more in line with the user's measurement and use habits.

Multi lattice liquid crystal display
The 240X128 dot matrix LCD display can display 8 lines of English at the same time, showing almost all the measurement information on one screen to avoid frequent page turning. The screen has backlight support to facilitate the mastery of various observations and information in a dark environment.

Temperature pressure sensor
In order to avoid the influence of temperature and air pressure on the measurement results, the temperature and pressure sensors outside the R2 can monitor the changes of them in real time, and automatically make meteorological corrections, adjust the processing results, and effectively improve the measurement accuracy.

The micro movement and the opposite point of the laser
The leading mechanical process ensures the quality of the fretting system and brings comfortable touch feedback. The point design under the laser can be carried out quickly and accurately. Even under unfavorable light conditions, the brightness of the laser can be adjusted and visible.

Multiple modes of communication
It provides a variety of convenient ways of communication. Standard interfaces RS232C, USB and SD cards are all available, and can be customized for Bluetooth wireless communication, one button transmission to achieve rapid data migration.

Large capacity lithium battery
The design of low power circuit is designed, which is equipped with two 4000mAh large capacity lithium batteries, which is enough for R2 to keep working for more than 24 hours in continuous operation. It doesn't bother with battery life anymore.

Technical Parameter
TelescopeMirror tube length156mm
Effective diameter of objective lens(EDM)Ф45mm
Discrimination (JIS)3.5
Shortest range of visibility1.0m
Range finderRanging light source(visible lase)650~690nm 
Spot diameter12mm/50mm ellipse
Laser gradeClass3
Measuring range(good weather condition)Non-prism600m
Reflector RP601000m
Mini prism1200m
Single prism5000m
Precision of distance measurementPrism±(2+2×10-6·D)mm
Measurement time1.0s/0.3s(precision / tracking); initial:2.5s
Minimum reading of distance measurementPrecision measurement mode:1mm
Tracking measurement mode:10mm
Range of temperature setting-40ºC~+60ºC
temperature range 1ºC(automatic correction)
Atmospheric correction500hPa-1500 hPa
atmospheric pressure1hPa(automatic correction)
Prism constant correction-99.9mm ~ +99.9mm
Long level bubble  Tube type bubble precision   30″/2mm
Circular bubble precision   8′/2mm
Graphical electronic level30″/2mm;range:3′;Accurancy:1″
Laser counter point deviceLight spot size / energyAdjustable
Laser classClass2/IEC60825-1
accuracy        ±0.8mm/1.5m
Angle measurement    Reading system      Absolute coding system
Minimum reading1″/5″
Precision 2
Display unit360°/400gon/6400mil
Midpoint of optical pair(selection)accuracy  ±0.8mm/1.5m
Imaging         Positive
Magnification      3X
field       4°
CompensatorCompensator method    Dual axis compensation
Range of compensation   ±3′
Displaytype         LCD display on both sides
(8 lines and 15 columns of English )
lightingLCD backlight
Screen resolution240*128
Power SupplyBattery4000mAh lithium battery
working voltage7.4V   
Working time>24 hours
Charger  FDJ6-Li
Communication and physical parametersMemory pointHost RAM with 120000 points
Hot plugged SD card
Host weight (with battery)6KG
temperature range-20ºC~ +50ºC
I/O upload / downloadHaving the functions of uploading and downloading
dataRS232C/USB/SD card(Bluetooth customizable)
Waterproof gradeIP54(IEC60529)
sensorAutomatic correction of external temperature
and pressure sensor
 Note: good weather conditions (no fog, visibility 30Km); 

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